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    We provide high-precision virtual avatar customization services for enterprises, efficiently produce multi-dimensional virtual content assets, create an intelligent virtual IP that can speak, move and interact, dig deep into the commercial value of virtual IP, and catapult enterprises into a forward position in the metaverse era.

    Image customization
    A standardized process, a high level of precision in the shaping of characters, and meticulous attention to subtle details of expression that stretch even to the wrinkles in a character's clothing
    Character setting


    Asset preparation


    Model making


    Integrating the body and expressions




    Rendering output


    Content Production


    Long video

    Short video

    Live streaming

    Content Production
    Digital staff

    Digital staff are deeply involved in various enterprise service scenarios and responsible for greeting, training, hosting and explaining. Fully integrated with intelligent enterprise development, they can help an enterprise reduce costs and increase efficiency.

    Enterprise promotion

    Link enterprise traffic to promote and expand marketing boundaries both online and offline.

    Product endorsement

    You can use avatars to endorse corporate products with a persona that is impervious to mistakes and allows for a variety of endorsement formats.

    IP creation

    We offer all-platform operation of graphic、video、live streaming, link with media to accumulate traffic, create an exclusive virtual IP for enterprises and realize interoperability and co-prosperity with enterprise traffic.

    Add Skype SkypeID:FU-BD

    Test Request

    - Coming soon -
    Tell us what you need and we will contact you as soon as possible and arrange a demo trial