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    AR Video Special Effects

    We employ cutting-edge face, body, gesture, and segmentation AI algorithm capabilities to provide diverse video special-effect gameplay from real-time face beautification and beauty filters to video AR special effects.

    Solution Introduction
    We have developed a series of 3D vision, 3D graphics, deep learning and other technologies to provide the industry’s leading AR portrait video effects for live streaming, short video, photo, social networking, marketing, online education and other industries, and have served hundreds of industry-leading enterprises.
    Feature Highlights
    Face Beautification
    Face Beautification

    Intelligent facial recognition and optimization make it easy to create exquisite facial features. Meticulous micro-carving of eyes, face, forehead, nose, chin, mouth shape and other parts make the creation of delicate facial features easy.

    AR Stickers
    AR Stickers

    Facial detection and key point tracking make it possible to accurately detect and intelligently follow eyes, nose, mouth and contours. Even if the face is masked, lighting conditions are less than ideal, or you have to deal with large angle rotation, stickers will not be lost.

    Body Reshaping
    Body Reshaping

    We support seven beautification dimensions that include slimming, long legs, thin waist, beautiful shoulders, beautiful buttocks, small head, and thin legs among others to allow users to finely adjust the body of the characters and accomplish slimming and shaping with a single click.


    We provide multi-style filters, AR effects, real-time facial animation, and other imaginative effects to heighten video gameplay and make for a more immersive experience.

    Intelligent Interaction
    Intelligent Interaction

    Gesture and action recognition technology can trigger AR stickers and special effects to make a variety of somatosensory games possible.


    Lipstick, blush, eyebrows, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelashes, cosmetic contact lenses, foundation, shadow, highlights and 15 other dimensions are all supported to change makeup easily. High-precision hair segmentation technology enables solid color, gradient color, and other image rendering and custom hair color values.

    Portrait Division
    Portrait Division

    With automatic recognition of the outline of the human body, users can separate the portrait from the background in real time and replace the ideal background environment.


    Users can employ any phone camera to drive Xmoji in real time. We support 56 basic expressions using the face, tongue and eyes and can integrate thousands of expressions that allow virtual cartoon characters to mimic the human face to make vivid expressions in real time.

    Solution Architecture
    Live Streaming
    Short video
    Take a photo
    Social intercourse
    Online education
    Support System
    Service Methods
    Standard SDK
    Standard API
    Core Functions
    AR video special effects
    • Beautification

    • Filters

    • Portrait division

    • AR stickers

    • Makeup&hairstyling

    • Gesture recognition

    • Body avatar

    • Body reshaping

    • Expression recognition

    Interactive live streaming
    • Real-time media traffic handling

    • RTE functional components

    • Advanced audio processing

    • Advanced video processing

    • Basic audio and video

    • Experience quality assurance

    Face beautification technology
    Segmentation technology
    Body reshaping technology
    Gesture recognition technology
    Voice technology
    Image technology
    Video technology
    Solution Features
    Full platform adaptation

    All mainstream platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Unity platforms are supported.

    Performance Optimization

    It greatly optimizes mobile platforms and supports other platforms, which is extremely easy to integrate.

    Flexible and easy to use

    We offer light and convenient facial AR rendering engines with great speed, small installation packages and low cost.

    Free customization

    With custom editing tools, we support stickers, custom special effects, arbitrary switching of gestures and expressions, and cross-platform creation.

    Live streaming
    Short video
    Take a photo
    Social intercourse
    Online education
    Process of cooperation

    Demo application

    Business consulting

    Integration testing

    Starting cooperation

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