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    AI Virtual Anchor

    One-click generation means improved production efficiency.
    Live-action-like animation promotes video content innovation

    Solution Introduction
    Based on speech-to-animation and artificial intelligence technology developed by FaceUnity, a virtual presenter video with an accurate mouth shape, facial expressions and movements can be quickly produced with simple texts or audio materials. The practical application is broad and spans news broadcasting, educational courseware, event promotion, introduction to policies and other creative video production.
    Solution Architecture
    Media News Production
    Educational courseware production
    Event Promotion Video
    Introduction to policies
    Service Methods
    Virtual Presenter SaaS Edition
    Virtual Presenter API
    Virtual Presenter Distribution Channel Edition
    Virtual Presenter Private Edition
    Core Functions
    Presenter image selection / customization
    • 3D image

    • 2.5D image

    • Deep learning image

    • 2D image

    Effect setting
    • Single and double presenter switching

    • Speech content setting

    • Position re-sizing

    • Emotional action setting

    Video Editing
    • Horizontal and vertical screen switching

    • Video background setting

    • Picture-in-picture content setting

    • Simultaneous captioning

    Video rendering
    • Video content preview

    • Video content generation

    • Library management

    • Draft box management

    Underlying technology
    Image rendering
    Motion-driven avatar
    Audio and video processing
    Solution Features
    Diverse virtual images

    Six categories of virtual images in different styles and custom images tailored for different scenarios

    Vivid and lifelike motion

    Leading speech animation synthesis technology and intelligent expression algorithms applied to create lip-syncing virtual anchors with vivid facial expressions and gestures

    Quick and easy operation

    Rapid back-end web operations supported with simple, one-touch video generation following the input of broadcasting content. Produce professional broadcast-quality video fast even with no prior experience.

    Smooth, natural-sounding speech

    Two modes supported: text-driven and voice-driven. Pre-configured with numerous high-quality tones, the product supports pace and volume adjustment, text audition, and polyphonic pronunciation modification.

    Practical processing capabilities

    Single/multiple anchor switch, landscape/portrait switch, image/video wallpaper, image/video PIP, and captioning

    Flexible and efficient cooperation

    Multiple cooperation modes, including SAAS, channel, and private deployment to meet a variety of needs and help customers go online quickly

    Media News Production
    Educational Courseware Production
    Event Promotion Video
    Introduction to Policies
    Process of cooperation

    Demo application

    Business Consulting

    Integration testing

    Starting cooperation

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